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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Discover Your Passion in Life

I knew what my passion was [my interest]. 1966 saw a “new” educational idea. Distributive Education would teach the student about the business world. ZING! Wow! This was for me. It still is today. I am still learning. I believe the day you stop learning you die. To compensate for giving up the “prestige” of going to college [other than a 2 year AA Marketing degree] over time I have decided that I have a Phd. from the college of life.

Silly huh!

As for the 3rd precept that is not on my radar.

I have endeavored to teach my 3 children to discover their passion in life; to enjoy what they do, and support them at what they do.

It is a process.

The MONEY may or may not follow but we have a higher purpose for our lives. The Jewish faith teaches among other things; Follow the Golden Rule. All the rest is just commentary. BTW-I am not Jewish but have great respect for that faith. Follow your passion and you will be fine. And don’t let anybody stop you!

At this stage of the game I find myself wanting to teach something. Not sure where this comes from, nor what it is that I want to teach, but it is almost purely from the need to give back.

Currently I publish a weekly newsletter for my work. It is done out of a labor of love and to prove to myself that I can stick with something when the going gets tougher. Just crossed the 1 year mark. Some areas of Metro Atlanta and a few stores in Oklahoma; small and it will stay that way.

So bottom line- I admire a teacher. What courage. What patience. When you discover what moves you, what you want to become the very fabric of your life, your life’s work, your life’s endeavor, then you will have discovered you. It is only then though that you can begin to give back.

“A working class hero is something to be. If you want to be a hero, then just follow me. John Lennon

This post was composed by Jim Nehls